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    Raw material:0 grade undersized grain titanium sponge
    Melting:3 times vacuum melting plasma welding
    Flaw detection:100% ultrasonic/turbine flaw detection to eliminate metallurgical defects and
    non-ferrous impurities

    Titanium standard parts

    Titanium standard parts

    • 1. Advantage: we are manufacturer of grade 3 titanium. Our grade 3 titanium has quick delivery within 7days if have stock and 15~20days if producing

      2.Payment term: Usually T/T and also L/C, D/A etc can be accepted.

      3. Package: Export cases with five-ply wood box.

      4. Test report: Bao-ti test report can be provided

        1. Item:various titanium bolts, nuts and fastener, grade 3 titanium standard parts

        2.Available material: Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr4, Gr5
        3.Standards:: DIN(DIN912, DIN931, DIN933, DIN985, DIN125, DIN127, DIN9021, DIN6926),

        4.Product types:
        (1)Ti Bolts & Screws: Hexagon head bolts,T-head bolts,Cup head nid bolts,Flat countersunk bolts,Double end studs,Self tapping screw.
        (2)Ti Nuts: Hexagon nut,Wing nuts,Flat head nuts,Square nuts.
        (3)Ti Rivets: Flat head rivet,Round head rivets,Headless rivets.
        (4)Ti Washers: Flat Washer,Split Washer,
        (5)Screw Varieties : the first cylindrical titanium screw ,titanium head screw , hexagon titanium screw , pan head screw titanium ,titanium & semi—head screws, square head screw titanium , titanium screw slot word , titanium cross slot screw ,titanium screw—shaped plum .

        Chemical industry , aerospace , spaceflight , surgical implants,as the parts of manufacturing the cars / bikes / golf.

        If you have any inquiry abt grade 3 titanium, pls feel free to contact us.

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