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    Raw material:0 grade undersized grain titanium sponge
    Melting:3 times vacuum melting plasma welding
    Flaw detection:100% ultrasonic/turbine flaw detection to eliminate metallurgical defects and
    non-ferrous impurities

    Titanium plate(sheet) for internal bone fixation

    Titanium plate(sheet) for internal bone fixation

      • 1. Name:medical titanium alloy,medical grade titanium alloy,medical grade titanium plate / sheet

        2. Standard: ASTM F67, ASTM F136

        3. Material: Gr3, Gr5

        4. Size: Thickness 0.01~25mm*W* L

        5. MOQ: 10kg

        6. Advantage: our medical grade titanium plate / sheet has quick delivery within 7days if have stock and 15~20days if producing

        7. Payment term: Usually T/T and also L/C, D/A etc can be accepted.

        8. Package: Export cases with five-ply wood box.

        9. Test report: Bao-ti test report can be provided

      • Titanium Plate(Sheet) for Bone Fixation


        Material: Gr.3, Gr.5, Ti-6Al-4V ELI

        Standard: ASTM F67, ASTM F136, IS05832-2, ISO 5832-3

        Regular Size: (1.0~6.5) T * (200~500) W * (1000~1500 )L mm

        Thickness tolerance:

        +0.1 mm for (1.0~3.0) T * (200~500) W * (1000~1500 )L mm

        +0.2 mm for (3.0~6.5) T * (200~500) W * (1000~1500 )L mm

        State: M, Annealed

        Surface Condition: Acid washing, Sanding, Vacuum annealing

        Roughness: Ra<0.06um

        Test: With mill test certificate, accept the third party test.


        1. The microstructure of Gr.3 material can reach over Level 7.

        Tensile strength can reach more than 585 MPa.

        2. The microstructure of Gr. 5, Ti-6Al-4V ELI material can reach A5.

        Tensile strength can reach more than 825 MPa.

        Our company specializes in producing titanium products. Titanium has low density but high good properties, so it is widely used for aerospace, ship building, chemical equipment and medical industry.

        Titanium products are considerably applied in medical fields:joint , tooth treating, medical implantation materials, medical instruments, etc.

        Being in the line of the titanium products manufacturer, our company produces titanium products which mainly direct to the medical fields.

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